Goddess Bath Oil & Ancestor Rosary

February 23, 2010

Goddess Bath Oil & Pagan Rosary
Originally uploaded by caitrionaoconaill

This is my first attempt at a couple of things:

A) making a rosary
B) making anything with beads
C) not stabbing myself with the needle attached to the silk thread.

I did okay! It’s a bit messy, but it’s just for me, so I think that’s okay. I chose red beads and bone skull carved beads for a reason — I intend to use this rosary specifically to honor and focus on the Noble Dead, the Ancestors.

Because I work in a hospital where there are always people dying, death is often on my mind. I honor always the Dead before even the Gods; it feels right to me. The bottom charm is a heavy metal spiral Goddess figure — to me this charm is representative of the cycle of reincarnation, although I don’t honor the “spiral goddess”.

Goddess Bath Oil — I use this oil when I take what I affectionately call my “goddess baths”, or, the baths where I just get in and have a good, long, rose-and-gardenia scented soak. I usually also meditate with a votive candle and affirm my femininity and what it means to me. This oil contains pink & red rose petals and buds among other things. The base is sweet almond, an oil for love. I thought it more appropriate as I use this bath oil with the intention of loving and accepting myself.

To use: I typically start the bath water and then use a small muslin pouch to pour the oil through. This is only because I dislike plant matter in my bath water; it always brushes against me and makes me afraid there is a bug in the bath with me.

I pour a generous amount of oil into the muslin bag, letting it catch the plant matter. I then tie the strings so that it hangs upon the faucet and the water runs through it as the tub fills. When the tub is full I will take the bag off, tie it closed, and drop it in the water with me. I usually also place a rose quartz inside.


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