The First: Five Minute Meditation

February 25, 2010

I set a timer for myself in the kitchen, so I’d know when five minutes had passed. Five minutes seems like such a short time, but it’s really somewhat long. That is a thought that passed through my mind.

The first thing I did was sit with my eyes open, noticing how much sun was coming through my bedroom window. After that, I noticed my hands were cold, and then, I noticed my spine didn’t feel quite straight.

After that, I closed my eyes and fell into a habit of watching my breathing. This is something I learned in yoga classes; specifically I was breathing in on “sat” and out on “naam”, a practice I learned in a few kundalini classes. In Sanskrit, Sat means beingness or existence or truth, and Naam literally means, the Name. It indicates Identity. This mantra means basically, “I am Truth”, or “Truth is my identity”.

Once I fell into breathing with this mantra, the time passed more quickly. I felt I could almost hear a light music in my mind, and I became aware of the rising and falling of my breath, the feeling of the belt of my house robe against my belly as I breathed deeply. Overall, I was sad to hear the timer pip, and I take that as a good thing. We’ll see what tomorrow holds!


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