March 2, 2010

There’s a woman on Youtube whose videos I quite like. She covers a lot of topics involving the Craft, and while I don’t necessarily do things the way she does or celebrate things the way she does, I do think a lot of her videos are very helpful.

“When you live true to yourself, only then will you truly live.” This has been my motto that I created for myself after years of saying “Yes” to everyone else and “No” to myself. Learn to Live True to YOUR Heart and Your Path and you will feel the difference. But be prepared to have some folks get upset at you, because you may leave them on a path that is no longer yours. Stay Strong and Listen to Your Heart.

The above is a quote from her Facebook page. This is especially true to me, as I have realized recently that I have crossed paths with many people, but our paths were not meant to be side by side. One of my best friends here, a woman who I would have considered very close to me, is such a person. I have left her on a path that is no longer mine. She is a wellspring of materialism, negative energy, and discontent. She is also a lovely person. I get the feeling that she is aware of my leaving her behind. I do feel badly that our paths are so separate.

But I have also discovered that I’d rather be with fewer, or farther away, friends, than I would be with more or closer friends that are not good for my spirit. I don’t think it’s wrong to leave friends behind when one discovers this, either. I understand it might come off poorly, but how do you say to someone, “I don’t want to spend time with you because you sap my spirit”?

In the end I have simply let our contact taper off. She has done this, too, which leads me to believe that she is in agreement about the divergence of our life paths. But still, it makes you think, doesn’t it?


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