Daily Goddess

March 31, 2010

In my working with my sister I promised her I would type out the daily reading from Patricia Monaghan’s The Goddess Companion. It is a book that contains a reading for every day of the year. I really like this book and enjoy reading from it daily. The book contains various songs, prayers, meditations, and invocations on different aspects of the goddess from various cultures and times — underneath each excerpt is a bit written by Monaghan, furthering the reading. The subtitle of the book is “divine meditations on the feminine spirit”; if goddess spirituality is for you, this may be a book you would be interested in having.

~ March 31
If a mountain could shine like the sun,
if its brilliance could penetrate the world’s dark quarters,
if all worlds joined together into this brilliance
and if this brilliance became a woman:
That would be a goddess. Devi: The Goddess.

I am that goddess. I am the force of the universe
in the shape of a woman. Nothing exists
that is not me, and nothing but me exists.
All women are but manifestations of me.
And I am the manifestations of all women.

And all women praise me thus: Devi, eternal
embodiment of the universal feminine,
you who create the world and sustain it,
we wreathe you with flowers and incense,
and we beg you to bring us virtue and richness.

– Devi Mahatmyam, Indian song to the goddess

WHO knows what the goddess means? She has meant different things in different eras, in different cultures, to different people. She has been anger and rage as well as peace and fruitfulness. She is the totality of experience of each woman. And she is the divine, experienced in the form of and through the bodies of women. She cannot be limited to a single form, nor contained in a single body. She is more comprehensive than we can imagine. In meditating on her vastness, we encounter it within ourselves.


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