Mala, Sunshine, Energy

April 25, 2010

mala & book

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Today I have cooked a lot and cleaned my home and spent time outside, soaking up the energy of the sunshine and the feel of soft winds. For some reason I felt drawn to a specific place in the yard today, so I stood in that place and did a short Tree of Life meditation.

I bought recently a rosewood mala. I had not yet used it, preferring to let it sit on the altar and sort of… soak up energies there for a little while. Today I ran my hands over it, anointing it with Attuning oil and with bergamot essential oil. The Attuning oil is a blend I purchased from Beth at Twilight Alchemy Lab. She makes wonderful magickal blended oils — I have had great success with some of her oils, including White Light, Bastet’s Laughter, and STFU. Beth cites her Attuning blend as being used for:

Makes you more sensitive to the emotional, spiritual and non-corporeal presences in an area. Attunes you to the vibratory qualities of a place or object. Particularly effective in developing psychometry.

I have used Attuning on tarot decks, the lone athame I purchased when I began on a pagan path, and the pentacle necklace I wear around my neck. I felt it was a good blend for anointing tools, and I thought it would be a good choice for anointing the mala, as well.

I chose bergamot for a variety of reasons, the first being that I simply adore its scent. However, I didn’t use bergamot just because I like it. Bergamot leaves and bergamot essential oil are also used in rituals and spells to draw success. Some practitioners claim it is also effective in breaking hexes. Bergamot essential oil is known by aromatherapists as a mood elevator and relieves depression caused by fatigue, tension and frustrations. It also helps release repressed feelings or inhibitions and assists in alleviating sleep problems. It assists in regulating body functions and can be a stimulant, a relaxant or a tonic, depending upon your body’s requirements at the moment.

Given that it has all these properties, I thought bergamot would be a very useful oil to anoint a mala with — I do well when using aids like malas or rosaries during meditation, as they give my hands something to do. Combining scent with touch and mind in this instance? Great idea!

I stood with the mala outside after the Tree of Life meditation and ran through many repetitions of sat nam in my mind while deep breathing. The energy outside felt very bright, to me, almost sparkly. I don’t know if this is because Beltane is drawing so near or not, but it is intriguing! I didn’t want to go back inside, with the wind caressing my hair and the birds singing gently. If I didn’t have to work tonight, I think I might spend all evening in the garden.


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