An Underwhelming Experience

May 2, 2010

My sister, S, and I all went to the Beltane ritual last night. I have to say we were all… underwhelmed. The person officiating the ritual did silent quarters when casting the circle, which is fine, but her lack of confidence and unprepared manner made it a very odd feeling ritual. It was very short and somewhat rushed. There was no mention of the Goddess really the… entire time we were there. There wasn’t much talking about spirituality at all, in fact! I had been expecting a sort of run-down on “this is Beltane, what it is, and why we are celebrating”, I guess, but that was not a part of this ritual.

A note, now, on elitism in the Pagan community, which my friend M has blogged about recently. Because I had not met up with other pagans prior to this ritual, I had not really had to worry about experiencing this elitism offline. However, when we showed up to this group/ritual — well, one woman made it a point to mention that she was going to another city’s longer Beltane celebration, where they would have “THE Ritual! with Real Sex!!” The manner in which she said this made it pretty clear that she was looking to shock us. After the ritual, a man came to us and was quite patronizing and almost-rude in the guise of being helpful. It was a very holier-than-thou attitude, that sort of, “I’m testing to see how Fluffy or Serious you are” business. Apparently we caught this group at a bad time, someone mentioned, and there were some people who weren’t in attendance. Either way, I don’t know. I am not really interested in meeting with them again. The fact that it’s a 45 minute drive doesn’t help, either!

This experience cements in my mind the idea that I want to find a Dianic or a women’s only group. I don’t think that will happen until I move out of this State! So, for now, I’m content with being solitary.


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