The Earth Path

May 6, 2010

I’m finally getting around to reading Starhawk’s The Earth Path. I started this book a while ago and put it down for whatever reason — or I read little bits here and there but did not read much of it. Today, I finished another book I was reading, and I finished something else I needed to get done, so I came back around to The Earth Path and picked it up.

Bringing our lives into alignment with the Earth should not become a burdensome, guilt-filled project, where we are constantly in an unshriven state of eco-sin.

At the end of this chapter (3), she talks about about sacred intention. What, she asks, is your sacred intention? What is sacred to you? What do you cherish? There is a small written meditation with the aim of finding the answer.

For me, I think the answer is… the Earth. And within that answer, the health of all things. What do I need to help me serve my intention of creating a world that cherishes the Earth and the health of all things in it? Well… I’m not sure. More meditation seems like a good place to start answering that question.

Her written instructions for grounding include the Tree of Life meditation, which I have found to be invaluable. She mentions making sure your breathing is deep, and she talks about daily practice — something I still need to work on. Why is it that I always mean to do things and then I let them go by?


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