How to Inscribe a Protective Pentagram in the Air

May 7, 2010

From my handout for this coming week’s lesson on house and object cleansing and blessing, a word or two about how to inscribe a protective Pentagram in the Air for protection against malevolent energy…:

1. Stand with feet apart shoulder’s distance.
2. Fold pinky and ring finger of right hand down, with thumb covering them. Point with middle and index finger together.
3. Point fingers outward to inscribe Pentagram with arm outstretched whole time. Starting position in front of left hip
4. Bring pointing hand up so it’s level with your forehead
5. Down to right hip
6. Left shoulder
7. Right shoulder
8. Left hip

This week’s handout includes a lot of spells, charms, and directions as far as how to cleanse your home, what to use, and various methods are concerned. I’m using this week to talk also about hearth deities and the magickal/ritual practice of keeping a healthy, clean, and tranquil home.


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