Some notes…

June 8, 2010

… On why spells don’t always work.These are just generalizations and may not apply to your situation but they can be good for you to examine, just in case.

1) What you are asking for may not be a good idea and the powers that be are blocking it. Remember, be careful of what you wish for…

2) You may not be asking or framing the working in the right way. When I was having trouble with my job search, I was doing spell after spell for a new job, success, whatever. At one point, I got so fustrated and my friend advised I step back and reevaluate my approach. I did and reworked my ritual from an alternate presepective, outlining the type of job I wanted and a spell to smooth my overall path to what I wanted, and it worked.

3) Are you stressed? Often, being upset and frustrated with your workings not working, trying too hard and being too stressed IRL can create tension that prevents your workings from getting through.

4) How much time has passed? Sometimes it can take a long time for causality to get around to bringing your final desired out come.

5) Are you applying real world solutions towards what you want to happen? I recall once upon a time somebody asking me for a spell to bring her more money, without specifiying a possible source or any plan to obtain this windfall. Just a spell for more money, as though it would just fall from the sky. I told her that the Gods help those who help themselves, so do this spell then look for part time work. Unless you are prepared to take a few IRL steps, just spell work isn’t always enough to make something happen (there are exceptions of course, depending on what the manifestation is).


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