Temple Spinner

October 16, 2010

I am dreaming back my sisters

Whisper-worn footfalls in the Temple steps


Storm dwellers

Heavy-breasted cauldron keepers



Darkmoon dancers

Labyrinth builders

Star bridgers

Fiery-eyed dragon-ryders

Wind seekers

Shape shifters

Corn daughters


Wolf women

Earth stewards

Gentle-handed womb sounders

Dream spinners

Flame keepers

Moon birthers

Come sisters, come home

By: Marie Elena 1999


Princess of Cups Goddess Tarot (K. Waldherr)

This card depicts a girl with long, flowing blonde hair bringing a golden cup to her mouth. She is wearing a lavender gown, also flowing and sparkling in the fabric. The girl is standing in front of what looks like a shore of a lake, because there is water stretching out behind her and mountain lines in the distance. Her face is calm — actually she quite reminds me of Princess Serenity, from Sailor Mooon!

booklet meaning: artistic inspiration and receptivity. a young woman who symbolizes the gifts of Venus — love, beauty, and emotional richness. movement in these areas of life. grace.
reverse: the need to be more receptive to love and beauty. overindulgence in imaginative fantasies.

The meaning of this one for me is less clear than usual, but I admit to being distracted while lacing the deck. She sort of flew out at me. I do think I tend towards fantasy, especially when I am feeling busy or overwhelmed (which I am). However, I also have a lot of room for beauty and richness in my life, and I’m trying to see them more daily. Perhaps she is a gentle reminder to keep looking and to appreciate what I see.


October 3, 2010

Temptation: Nyai Loro Kidul – Goddess Deck (K. Waldherr)

This is a green, watery card. It depicts a woman with aqua skin in the waves of the ocean, which are crashing up in the front of the card. She is smiling.

The book reads that this card means temptation by forces you cannot control. Something deep within the psyche – the shadow – personified as temptation or addiction. Sensual desires. Gluttony or envy. Reverse: freedom from temptation, mastery over something previously controlling.

I’d love to say the reverse side was more true for me, but right now I think this card is point to my tendency to wallow in bad emotions, to let things overwhelm me, and to have a bad attitude. This ties to letting go of attachments to me, which I think is important.