Daily Tarot: Princess of Cups

October 9, 2010

Princess of Cups Goddess Tarot (K. Waldherr)

This card depicts a girl with long, flowing blonde hair bringing a golden cup to her mouth. She is wearing a lavender gown, also flowing and sparkling in the fabric. The girl is standing in front of what looks like a shore of a lake, because there is water stretching out behind her and mountain lines in the distance. Her face is calm — actually she quite reminds me of Princess Serenity, from Sailor Mooon!

booklet meaning: artistic inspiration and receptivity. a young woman who symbolizes the gifts of Venus — love, beauty, and emotional richness. movement in these areas of life. grace.
reverse: the need to be more receptive to love and beauty. overindulgence in imaginative fantasies.

The meaning of this one for me is less clear than usual, but I admit to being distracted while lacing the deck. She sort of flew out at me. I do think I tend towards fantasy, especially when I am feeling busy or overwhelmed (which I am). However, I also have a lot of room for beauty and richness in my life, and I’m trying to see them more daily. Perhaps she is a gentle reminder to keep looking and to appreciate what I see.


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