Attitude Check!

November 8, 2010

Ever since my boss talked to me about my attitude, I realized a few things. Firstly, the co-workers who complained about me being grumpy weren’t entirely wrong. Second, I have to remind myself to stay positive or else I allow myself to be overwhelmed. I have to treat every day like it’s going to be a great day – and if I do, then it will be. So, even though I was very upset at first, I realize they were right. I’m thankful for that attitude check. It’s helped me with more than just work. (:

“Not gifted with genius, but honestly holding her experience deep in her heart, she keeps it simple and humane. Not worrying about style, she is herself, she breathes fully, she is alive, and she remembers to write.” ~ Adapted from Nanao Sakaki’s Inch by Inch translation of Issa’s haiku and Natalie Goldberg’s The Wild Mind.


give yourself permission to take a moment to really look at yourself and where you are


create some room for those voices in your head to speak their mind, and then try to hear them


be fearless with change – it might be the best thing you ever did


let go those things that are not a reflection of who you want to be and who you really are


be what you were meant to be in all its crazy shapes and guises – why wait?


love who you have been, who you are now and who you are going to be – it’s all you


move in a direction that enhances, empowers and deepens your life.


list from:


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