I spoke with my sister a few days ago about this topic, so I figured I would blog about it, too. Whenever we are having our conversations, sometimes it just seems like a good moment to mention something, and yesterday, this was it! The gist of it is that you have the power to choose how you feel. When you allow people or situations to control how you act or feel, that’s giving away your power. That’s not to say that we have to be friends with people we don’t like, but when we alter our behaviour so we can avoid them, or so on… that’s giving away our power. Don’t give away your power! Stay true to yourself & your path! Don’t alter your path for other people. Those you are supposed to be with, their paths with converge with yours.

CharmingPixieFlora on youtube has done some videos on this topic… here is one, and here is part II of the same. I highly recommend watching them!


video meditation

April 1, 2010

As I had some difficulty making the video — it’s not as simple as I thought! — this first one is a very simple meditation focusing only on the flow of the breath. I am sure my voice sounds silly in it! but that is not the point of the video, so I suppose it does not matter.